The  digitization  of  fashion  is  upon  us. 

Technology  will  integrate.


Scholarship Recipient, Australian Academy of Design, 2010, 'Bachelor of Design Art, Majoring in Fashion.'

Scholarship Recipient, Whitehouse Institute of Design, 2010, 'Certificate in Fashion Illustration.'

Scholarship Recipient, Whitehouse Institute of Design, 2010, 'Certificate for Advanced Drawing for Fashion.'

High Achiever of Excellence, College of Fashion Design, 2010, 'Certificate II and Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design & Technology.'

Shortlisted for Top Designs Exhibition Victoria, Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority, 2010, 'VCE Visual Communication & Design' and 'VCE Design & Technology (Fibres).'

Top Performance Student, Emmaus Catholic College, 2010, 'Visual Communication & Design' and 'Design & Technology (Fibres)'.

1st Prize in Textile Design Exhibition, Royal Melbourne Show, 2008.


Danielle Fosberry has recently completed the highly acclaimed Bachelor of Fashion Design with Honours at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and is since working to develop her unique design philosophy.

Danielle’s Graduate Collection titled ‘PROJECT 1.618’ was driven by an investigation into advanced digital techniques and computer aided manufacturing in the realm of fashion design.

A series of prototypes were developed to compare adornment through the facility of technology, to create a methodology that determines the authenticity of the outcome and challenges the current modes of traditional production.

The driving force behind the research and development is charged by the theoretical concept of the Divine Proportion or the Golden Ratio and its mathematic and aesthetic value, creating an interaction between science, art and man.

The collection will be presented at the New York Tech Style event for New York Fashion Week in February 2016, showcasing upcoming brands at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Successfully creating one off pieces, Danielle developed her skills whilst working and interning with various successful brands in Melbourne, including Bettina Liano, Adidas, Country Road, Anna Campbell and Sequence Australia.

In addition, Danielle has curated various fashion events and has been acting as the Australian Fashion Director for LEVEL-UP! MAGAZINE, USA.

Danielle’s practice aims to inspire innovation and influence interaction while creating a visual and physical experience that is pure escapism of today’s ‘modern man’.

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